Buying a Sunlight-Readable LCD Display- A Brief Guide

Getting the right signage for your shop or business is very important. The right marketing strategy could easily improve your business considerably and attract more customers. While standard billboards and pop-up signs are still very popular, LCD signage allows you to generate more interest from potential consumers. However, if you are looking to place a few LCDs outside your shop, you shouldn’t consider buying the standard LCDs.

Conventional LCD screens become unreadable in daylight. If you take a flashlight and point it directly towards your television screen, you’ll notice that the content on the screen will not be viewable anymore. That’s simply because it’s not designed to be used in excessive light. The brightness rating of a conventional display is much lower. Even if you turn the brightness all the way up, it will be difficult for you to see what’s written on the display. Needless to say, you can’t use a conventional LCD as an outdoor display. You will need to buy a sunlight-readable LCD in order to make it easy for people to read what’s on the screen.

What’s the Difference?

Whereas standard LCD screens have a lower brightness level, sunlight-readable LCD displays can go as high as 1500nits. The bright TFT daylight viewable monitor makes it easy for people to read what’s written on the screen without having to squint and come close to the screen. These screens are usually placed within a reinforced frame. The bezel is much bigger than a conventional screen as well.

The temperatures on the outside can get pretty high in the summers. If you were using a standard LCD screen, it would easily overheat after a while. However, specialized LCD signage is designed for excessive usage in an outdoors environment. They have built-in thermostats that automatically shut off the screen as soon as the temperature limit is reached.

Buying LCD Signage

Before you venture into the LCD signage market, there are a few things that you should know. First of all, you should know that buying a full 1080p HD display is not necessary. Most LCD signage screens range from 26” to 65”. People don’t really spend a whole lot of time standing before these screens, so they aren’t going to notice whether the display is full HD or not. A full HD 65” display will cost you a considerable amount of money.
Buying a sunlight-readable LCD display is a great way of generating more interest. If your shop is located on a busy street, this could be the best way of getting yourself noticed. It won’t be long before customers are flocking to your shop if you run the right ads.

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