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by | Apr 25, 2022 | Dentist

After many years of research, it has finally been discovered just how important dental health is. Though dentists have known for decades that dental care is crucial, studies have recently found the health of a person’s smile can have a direct impact on the health of their heart. With this knowledge, it is more important than ever before for people to make sure they call the Dentist Office Cambridge for an appointment.

The most important dental appointment in Cambridge a person can schedule is their preventative care appointment. This Cambridge Dental appointment encompasses the full spectrum of dental care since it screens for cancer, cavities, and gum disease. These appointments need to be scheduled every six months so a person’s oral health can always be protected. With frequent appointments, oral health concerns can be found early when they are most easily treated.

A preventative care appointment includes the full cleaning of the teeth and gums. This cleaning treatment is carried out so plaque and tartar can be removed in their entirety. These sticky and abrasive substances can end up causing decay of the teeth if not removed. The cleaning process also allows the dentist to be able to better see the teeth during the examination.

X-rays are typically done at least once a year and may be done more frequently if the patient begins suffering from signs of decay or infection. Through an examination and X-rays, the dentist should be able to find any signs of oral health concerns so they can be properly treated before major damages occur to the teeth.

During an examination, the patient also undergoes cancer screening. Oral cancer can often be detected through a screening evaluation that may include palpitation of the soft tissues or dye testing. It is imperative oral cancer is found in its earliest stages so it can be treated before it spreads to other areas of the body.

Those who are in need of a dental appointment should contact the Cambridge Dental Group. They are best in dental care services so a person’s oral health can be fully protected. Call them today and schedule your preventative care appointment.

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