Can Dental Bonding in Evanston Reverse or Stop the Progress of Decayed Teeth?

Is tooth decay just a normal part of aging? It is, but it does not necessarily have to be at a rapid pace. Teeth decay can be dramatically slowed down. For individuals who have accelerated teeth decay, they can look at a process called Dental Bonding in Evanston.

A Brief Look at Bonding

Bonding is not unlike a glue substance. The bonding attaches to the teeth and coats it and reforms it. Consider it a sticky putty-like substance that can be used to make the tooth appear in a different shape. This is why it is a common and practical solution for chipped teeth.

The mold or bond is applied to the chipped area and shaped to appear like the tooth was never chipped at all. It’s a fantastic procedure. But, is Dental Bonding in Evanston useful in instances where the surface of the tooth is degraded or, as stated above, decayed?

The Source of Decay

It partly depends on the escalation of the decayed teeth and the source. Generally speaking, decay refers to the development of cavities upon the surface of the tooth. In this instance, the bond is applied to the cavities to cover them, acting largely as a coating. It fills in the cavities, which is like a typical cavity filling. The composite resin is developed and applied to the tooth, coating the decayed area entirely.

There may also be decay that is not structurally rooted in cavities. This can be a little more challenging to treat. Look at it like teeth browning and discoloration. This is a bit like decay, especially since it often leads to cavities. The composite resin is, once again, used to coat the tooth. In the case of browning and discoloration, the resin is applied relatively evenly over the tooth to coat the discolored areas.

In either scenario, it can be reversed, in a way. The composite resin will protect the tooth, and keep out any further bacteria from dramatically decaying the tooth. It is possible to reverse tooth decay, but only to an extent. Furthermore, if the damage is bad enough, reversely is virtually impossible. The best solution is to visit Stephens Dentistry and be proactive about tooth care.

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