Caregiver Advice for Starting Urinary Incontinence Pads

by | May 22, 2019 | Medical Equipment

Unfortunately, when it comes to talking about urinary incontinence, the people you care for can feel sensitive and uncomfortable. For someone, such as an elderly person, who is unable to control frequent incontinence can be humiliating. Therefore, it is important for you as a caregiver to ease them into trying urinary incontinence pads.

Do Not Use the Term Diaper

No adult wants to wear a diaper. Diapers are for babies who do not know how to use a potty. It makes an adult feel embarrassed and helpless to think that they have regressed to the point of infancy.

Instead, when you bring up the topic of urinary incontinence pads, use terms like “briefs” or “pad.” Just changing the way you talk about the subject will show respect for your loved one, letting them know you see them as an independent adult who can function on his or her own.

Talk with a Peer or Doctor

If you continue to have issues with getting your loved on to accept using bladder leak protection or the topic is too difficult, consider reaching out for help. Many elderly people are too embarrassed to discuss the use of urinary incontinence pads with their family members.

If this is the situation, a doctor or friend may be able to help. A peer who is also dealing with the issues of aging will be able to connect with your loved one on a much different level than you can. A doctor can make your loved one feel comfortable knowing that what they are experiencing is perfectly normal.

Fit Matters

The levels of urinary incontinence vary, as does the level of protection provided by incontinence products. It is important to find the right urinary incontinence pads to meet your loved one’s needs adequately. The right protection will allow your loved one to live in confidence and free from embarrassment.

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