Catering Downtown – An Introduction To The World Of Catering Services

Catering downtown has become a fast growing business niche today. As more and more companies see the benefits in providing lunch for their employees, or for important business meetings, they are taking advantage of catering services. Be it any occasion, informal parties, festivals, marriages or corporate functions, it is a great idea to hire catering in downtown for your event.

What is Catering?

Catering is a form of business that provides food and/or service personnel for all kinds of occasions from business meetings, conferences, award shows, birthday, anniversaries, weddings, and other types of events. Catering service has become an artistic affair now, it not only includes food service but can also include service for flower arrangements, styling and décor, live entertainment and various other services. Depending upon the needs and requirements, hiring catering in downtown offers various services at an affordable price.

Various Types of Catering Downtown Services

There are different types of services for catering downtown, some of the popular services include:

1. Mobile Catering: It refers to a catering service that uses a mobile van to carry food and equipment to the location. It is usually used in fairs, festivals and other small functions. Because of its small scale nature, cost of mobile catering is low.
  2. Event Catering: In event catering service, the caterer has to provide all the services that are required at the event. It is the responsibility of caterer to make sure the event is decorated, well planned and organized.
3. Business Catering: Business catering refers to catering service provided for business meetings, corporate training and at other business functions. Business catering is the most popular catering service and it is in high demand. Caterers take extra care to make a formal presentation of dishes in business catering.
4. Industrial Catering: Industrial catering refers to a catering service that involves serving for a larger group of people. Most of the industrial catering service will be on a contract basis where caterers have a contract with the organization for a fixed period of time. The industries that generally utilize the services of caterers are hospitals, schools, institutions and factories. The price and other factors will be included in the contract.

Pricing Factors of Catering Downtown

It is very important for a catering firm to provide a profitable and competitive pricing. There are three types of pricing methods used by caterers. They are fixed price, tiered price and custom price. Many customers prefer fixed price option as it helps them to calculate the price they will have to spend per person and see if it suits their budget. If it is a big event, then tiered pricing may be the best option as it is more cost effective. Bagelville offers catering services for a variety of events, providing platters for bagels, sandwiches, soups, coffee, and more to meet your needs.

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