Cheap Parking Near Willis Tower Helps Make a Chicago Trip More Affordable

Spending a day in downtown Chicago can turn out to be a pretty ‘pricey’ experience. Dining, shopping, attractions, transportation (buses, taxis, etc.) perhaps a sporting event or other entertainment- they all really add up. And this doesn’t even take into account the downtown parking, the first expense that must be incurred.

If the travel destination in Chicago is somewhere down Wacker Drive near the Willis Tower, there is a company that offers cheap parking near Willis Tower. With some online research and booking, travelers can reserve cheap parking near Willis Tower by the hour or by the day. Regular city commuters can also reserve their parking by the month.

Literally dozens of parking locations can be found cheaply within a number of square blocks in the city. And the process of reserving a spot in one of these lots is simple. Just go online, enter the destination, dates and times. At this point all the options will pop up. The deals will be color-coded: green for best, yellow for good, and red for the rest. In the fully secure platform, visitors will receive a reservation QR code and will then be able to park. So no need to go through the hassle of fighting downtown traffic to go from parking garage to parking garage to find an available spot- then spending a fortune to park there.

The company does not charge operators and owners expensive fees or commissions, passing on the savings to customers. To learn more about this service, check out Parkchirp today.