Chicago Home Additions Up to Code

Chicago home additions can give you the additional space you need without having to uproot the family and move. There is a bevy of reasons that you may be considering a home addition and you may also be considering signing on a handyman crew to take care of the build.  Having an addition built is a good idea, having a handyman type crew do the build is a bad idea. There are some strict regulations on the books when it comes to home additions without a professional team you may find that you are faced with a litany of violations that can be costly. In the worst case scenario if your addition is not built to code you may have to have it taken down.  It can be a nightmare from the minute the first nail is driven.  A lot of people make the wrong choice based on cost but in the end it just costs them more.

Experienced Builders

Experience matters when you are adding an addition to your home. An experienced team is well aware of the building codes and will be able to help you:

  *  Secure the permits
  *  Build up to code
  *  Ensure the safety of the addition

There is a reason for the building codes and there is a reason that the codes are so strict.  It is to protect the public from unsafe structures. The codes are in place to prevent fires, cave ins and other potential structural issues.  An experienced builder will make sure you building is built to code. They will help to secure the building permits and make sure that your addition is safe for use.  It is your home you do not want to risk the safety of the occupants to save a few dollars.

Natural Looking Additions

An experienced builder will also help you to get that natural look that you want from your home additions. Expert care is required when you are trying to maintain the original integrity and style of your home.  A handyman type of building service is great for small home projects but when it comes to the big stuff like changing the size of your home you have to choose an experienced builder. It is not worth the risk of violations, safety issues and an addition that just looks out of place.

Choose a builder that can ensure complete code compliance and a really great useful finished product.

Call Greenside Design Build for your Chicago home additions, to ensure your addition is built to code! Call them for a free consultation!

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