Chlorine Free Swimming Pools are Better for Your Body

Despite its use in many public pools, the negative side effects of chlorine are undeniably high. When chlorine interacts with organic materials, it creates a chemical known as chloramine.

While free chlorines are safe for the body, chloramines are harmful in many differing ways. Not only do chloramines cause your eyes to burn, your skin to turn red, and your head to ache, you also are at risk for symptoms far worse. Chlorine can also cause autoimmune diseases, candida overgrowth, and certain cancers.

Therefore, when looking at a pool sanitation system, it is important to keep health at the forefront. One incredible option for choosing a chlorine free pool sanitation system is to use copper ionization.

Developed by NASA

The method of copper ionization was originally developed by NASA in order to give astronauts clean drinking water while in space. Once people began to realize that it could sanitize water by killing bacteria and algae while benefiting their health, it became more popular within the swimming pool industry.

Prevents Harmful Bacteria and Chemicals

Many people worry that copper ionization does not prevent harmful bacteria or chemicals as well as chlorine does. However, copper ions are more stable and effective than chlorine. They stay in the pool water longer and reduce pool maintenance needs by up to three times.

Ionization systems utilizing copper kill harmful bacteria, Escherichia coli (E. coli), algae, and other forms of pathogens while benefiting your health overall. In fact, while chlorine simply suppresses bacteria, copper removes the bacteria completely. These systems provide the most natural and effective form of pool sanitation available.

Creates a Healthier Pool

By using ionization, your pool will be cleaner and safer. Ionization does not create the same harmful byproducts that are created by chlorine, such as chloramine.
In fact, copper has many health benefits for your bones, red blood cells, skin, immune system, oxygen production, and nervous system.

Even with such high benefits, ionization is able to create the same sanitation as chlorine does without the negative side effects. Talk to your local professional, or Clearwater Pool Systems, to determine your chemical free pool needs.

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