Choose the Best Timber Flooring for Your House

Do you know just how useful timber can be as a building material? This type of wood is incredibly strong and has many uses, from being used to make tables and chairs, to being chosen as a flooring material. A natural and eco-friendly choice, timber is not toxic in any way and it is a renewable material. This means that if you choose to use timber for the flooring in your property, you need not worry about your carbon footprint growing. What’s more it is readily available and is a good insulator, so read on to make an informed decision when selecting timber for an upcoming building project.

The Hardness

By assessing the hardness of timber before buying, you can choose a type of wood that is suitable for flooring. A soft wood, such as cedar or pine, will be less costly than a hard wood, such as mahogany, teak or oak. The harder the timber the slower it will have grown on the tree, therefore it is not available as easily as soft wood, making it harder and more expensive to attain.

The Grading

When it comes to the grading, you should consider your needs. Certain things will affect the grade of wood, such as the size and quantity of knots, the colour variations and the grain type. Do you want the wood to have an authentic appearance with grains of different colours? Perhaps you want the wood to look distressed and rough? Express your visions with the flooring specialists you plan on buying timber from, because this will make it easier to choose a grade.

The Surface Finish

Protection and aesthetic appeal are two advantages associated with applying a surface finish to timber flooring. A traditional country home might look better with wood that has a grainy surface, whereas a modern property will suit timber flooring that is smooth and has a hard, shiny finish. Some of the more common surface finish options include lacquered, brush matt lacquered, natural oiled and hardwax oil. Wood that has been pre-treated will not rot as easily as wood that has not been pre-treated, therefore spending that little bit of extra money will be worthwhile if you want to avoid repairs. Wood with a finish will also be easier to clean, so think about this if you won’t have much spare time for maintenance.

Are you considering getting timber flooring fitted or maintained in your property? If so,

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