Choosing a Living Arrangement: The Best Choice for College-Bound Students

You have always aspired to become a student at the prestigious UNC Wilmington, as they are known to offer the best programs to help you toward your future career. After waiting a few months for a reply, you are thrilled to be accepted to the school. What will be your next step in your new college-bound life?

Preparing for Your Move

Maybe you will be moving from one state to North Carolina and cannot begin to imagine what life will be like as an independent adult fresh out of high school. Relax and don’t worry. This new milestone will definitely be an amazing journey. To help you get started, you should first decide on whether or not you will be living on-campus or off-campus. You might start to ask questions like what is the difference between these two living arrangements and will it matter, since you will be busy attending classes and studying. Yes, it will matter. Living on-campus may not provide the privacy or quiet environment you are expecting as they are often overcrowded with other students. If you want to live a kind of college student lifestyle that will help you focus on achieving your academic goals, then living off-campus may be the best choice for you. Here’s why.

Privacy, Security, and Peace of Mind

Renting an apartment near but away from school will help you gain access to spacious floorplans, whether you choose to live by yourself or with roommates. Put your mind at ease by choosing a furnished rental in a gated community that offers the best amenities for students like yourself.

Start Your College Adventure Here

So, where should you live when it comes to choosing the best UNC Wilmington off-campus student housing for your needs? You should live at Redpoint Wilmington. Residents are provided with world-class amenities like a resort-style swimming pool, a 24-hour fitness center, an outdoor lounge with a fire pit, and more. You can choose from a variety of floorplans with an optional furniture package to live a complete lifestyle. Visit to choose your preferred space and start your adventure by living at one of the best UNC Wilmington off-campus student housing in the market right away.