Choosing a New Color and Style from a Shingle Roofing Company in Long Island NY

Getting a brand new roof from a shingle roofing company in Long Island NY is a big step and usually one of the most expensive home improvement features a homeowner ever buys. That often means spending a fair amount of time looking over colors and patterns before making a decision. The roof should last for a minimum of two or three decades, so it’s no wonder people want to be careful about their selection.

Of course, in some cases, people want the exact same color and style installed again. In others, they have had the appearance of a new roof in mind for a long time, so there’s no decision to be made. When someone hasn’t given this any consideration and would like to make a change, it’s helpful to peruse sample books from roofing companies such as Business Name and to look at galleries online as well.

Sometimes homeowners get too caught up in concerns that aren’t really that significant. For example, in a climate like that of the Long Island area, choosing light-colored or dark-colored shingles won’t make an enormous difference in the amount of energy used. This type of concern is more valid in a very hot climate, where homeowners are wise to choose lighter colors.

Nevertheless, they may want to consider research on the subject. One study found that the wood underneath a black-shingled roof was significantly warmer than that of a white-shingled roof on a sunny day. However, this doesn’t mean that choosing any darker or lighter colors will make this type of difference. The research didn’t find similar results for gray and brown shingles, for example.

Since the homeowners will be living with this choice for a long time, it’s important to pick something they like instead of deciding on black shingles in the hopes of retaining heat during the winter. Black shingles may not look attractive with the color of the rest of the house and may even be somewhat conflicting with the style. A Shingle Roofing Company in Long Island NY offers a broad range of hues and patterns so all customers are bound to feel satisfied.

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