Choosing a Pediatric Neuropsychologist

A pediatric neuropsychologist is a professional who specializes in treating psychological disorders in children. He or she focuses on brain development and how this affects learning and behavior in children. Neuropsychologists have a doctoral degree in psychology and may work in hospitals, clinics or have their own practice. Contrary to popular belief, a neuropsychologist is not a medical doctor, and therefore he or she cannot prescribe medications to patients.

What does a neuropsychologist do?

Pediatric neuropsychologists perform standardized tests and observations on pediatric patients to determine the child’s current stage of development. He or she compares the results to what is expected of the child’s age level. This involves direct interaction with the child to get an accurate assessment of the child’s cognitive development. The next step is the creation of an intervention plan to support the development of weak or underdeveloped skills and assist parents in planning for the future of the child.

Choosing a Pediatric Neuropsychologist

A good pediatric neuropsychologist knows how to engage even the most reluctant child. Choose a professional with a genuine interest in your child, one who is willing to understand the world from the child’s perspective. It is often with neuropsychologists like these where effective therapeutic interactions occur.

It is also good to choose a neuropsychologist who you can easily communicate with. Parents play a major role in the child’s development so there must be effective communication between the parents and the psychologist. He or she must be willing to listen to your input on possible solutions to whatever challenges the child is facing.

A good neuropsychologist plays a major role in the development of your child, especially if there are cognitive and behavioral issues that need to be addressed. Check out for more information on how to choose the right pediatric psychologist for your child. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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