Choosing a Surgeon for Your Facial Feminization Surgery in Plano, Texas

If you are looking for a doctor to perform facial feminization surgery (FFS), it is important that you choose the best surgeon possible. While FFS can dramatically improve your life and your self-esteem, you want to make certain that the doctor you choose is up to the challenge. Follow these three tips in order to choose the best surgeon for your FFS surgery.

Research the Surgeon Online

Your first step should be to consult Google. You want to choose an experienced professional, and any experienced professional should be easily searchable through Internet search engines. This includes patient testimonials and reviews on YouTube.

Prepare a Plan and Discuss It With Your Potential Surgeon

Look at your face in the mirror and decide which aspects you truly want to change. Which parts of your face look masculine to you? Which parts do you not want to have as part of your face any longer? Be honest with yourself and discuss these changes with your potential physician to see if they are able to handle the changes you want to make.

Consider How the Physician Makes You Feel

Your FFS surgeon should make you feel at ease when you meet. Does the surgeon demonstrate interest in your feelings and questions? Or does the surgeon seem to rush you? Trust your instincts, and do not choose to go to a provider who does not make you feel comfortable.

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