Choosing Carpeting for Your Home: 4 Popular Styles of Carpet in St. Paul

If you’re choosing new carpeting for your home in St. Paul, it’s important to select a style that will work well for your household. From Saxony to cable, each style of Carpet in St. Paul has it’s own unique look and feel–and some are more practical that others. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular types of home carpeting and the advantages and disadvantages of each.


With its thick, long fibers, cable carpeting looks attractive and feels very comfortable underfoot. Because of its great look and feel, it works best in laid-back areas like the living room or the bedroom. However, it may not be the best choice for households with active families or rambunctious pets. In busy homes or high-traffic areas, it can crush easily underfoot and tends to show marks from foot traffic or frequent vacuuming.


If you want carpeting that looks high-end and feels extra plush underfoot, choose a Saxony carpet in St. Paul. The smooth, soft fibers are very uniform, making this type of carpeting a top choice for design-minded homeowners. However, Saxony carpeting requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best–it’s easy for dust, dirt and pet hair to become trapped in the fibers. While it will add an elegant look to bedrooms or formal living rooms, it’s not ideal for hard-hit areas like family rooms, children’s bedrooms and stairways.


Berber carpeting is looped so it’s very durable and forgiving of everyday wear-and-tear. Although it’s not the softest carpeting available, it’s an attractive all-around carpeting that can work well in any room in the house. With it’s casual look and great durability, it’s a popular choice for busy families with children or pets. Usually made of olefin or nylon, Berber hides foot and furniture prints well and is easier to keep clean than plush-style carpets.


Frieze carpeting is one of the most popular choices for wall-to-wall carpeting because it’s both attractive and hard-working. Because of its high-twist pile, it has a textured appearance that hides dirt and footmarks easily. If you want carpeting that is comfortable underfoot, choose a frieze that features a long pile height. For carpeting that’s easier to keep clean, choose a frieze with a lower pile.

Carefully consider your lifestyle and tastes before you choose a carpeting style. For carpeting in a variety of styles and colors, visit Galaxie Floor Stores in St. Paul.


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