Choosing Options from a Screw Conveyor Manufacturer in India

Screw conveyors feed materials into the top of bins, hoppers, and silos to distribute them. Whether building a new system or replacing worn-out parts, you must find a screw conveyor manufacturer in India to fulfill your needs. The following will help you choose the perfect conveyor options for your needs.

Flow Rate and Screw Size

A screw conveyor manufacturer in India should offer various options that accommodate many flow rates and screw sizes. They can ask questions about your processes and needs to recommend the ideal solution. The more options they offer, the more likely you will get precisely what you need to streamline your operations.

Trough Loading and Sizing

Another requirement your screw conveyor manufacturer in India should ask about is trough loading and sizing. Trough loading refers directly to the conveyor’s capacity, but you shouldn’t always maximize its load. For instance, if moving abrasive or thick materials, you should only use about 30 percent of the trough loading maximum. Consider these factors when choosing the best option.

Variable Frequency Drives and Operating Voltage

Variable frequency drives and operating voltage are critical to your equipment’s operations. Ask your screw conveyor manufacturer in India about the available options and which they recommend for your processes. They will help you choose the appropriate solution to keep your manufacturing line running smoothly.

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