Choosing Roofing Companies in Longmont CO Doesn’t Have to Be Hardr Be

If you are worried your roof has a problem or know it does and need to have it checked or repaired, you will need to consult with various roofing companies to find the right one. It is never a good idea to check out and select the first company you find though you may end up going with that roofing company in the end. However, it is important to visit with multiple companies and get a good idea of what they will do and how much it will cost. Then you can compare each company and find the right roofer.


Every state requires their roofing companies to have various licenses in order to operate. While your state may be different from another, you can still make sure that the company in Longmont CO that you select has the appropriate licenses for that area or state. You may go online and find out the licenses required or contact the Department of Professional Regulation or licensing board in your state.

Most roofing companies in Longmont CO know that their licenses are required to work and will post theirs on their website, commonly found on their Sources page or their homepage.


States are somewhat lax in requiring businesses to hold proper insurance, so you must ask the company in question whether or not they have insurance that covers liability and worker’s compensation. You may ask them over the phone, but also request that they bring proof, such as a copy, when they meet with you. You should ensure that the insurance coverage handles the entire time they are working on your roof.

References and BBB

Ask each contractor for a list of references that you may call. These references should be past clients and be similar in nature to your needs. Follow up by calling the references listed and asking about their experience.

Consider contacting the Better Business Bureau and following up on the roofing company, as well. It is easy to find them using their online website, though you can always call them. In some cases, the company you are considering will include that they are BBB-accredited right on their website, making it easy to find out this information.


When you decide on a roofing company, make sure to get a written contract drawn up that includes start/end times, length of the project, materials needed and payment information.