Choosing Someone to Do a Residential Kitchen Installation

Redecorating the kitchen is one of the more popular home improvements people make, either to make the kitchen more functional or more to their taste or to increase the value of the home in preparation for selling it. It’s important to choose the right person to help with this process, or it could lead to major disappointments and unexpected costs.

Get Recommendations

People who know someone who has recently had a Residential Kitchen Installation should ask for recommendations, as this can be a good way to find out a lot about a potential contractor, such as those who work with Capitol Kitchen & Bath. People typically only recommend professionals they had a good experience with and will be able to tell you about any issues they had with the particular contractor they used. Ask if they’d use the same person for another job, whether he handled problems well and why they are making the recommendation.

Interview Potential Contractors

Ask for references, make sure they take on projects the size of your kitchen and see if they’ll be doing any other projects at the same time as your kitchen. If subcontractors are involved, check to see how long they’ve worked with these other professionals. Make sure the contractor has the required licenses and check whether he has any designations from professional associations, as the best would have at least some of these certifications. Choose a contractor that actually listens to you and what you want and that you’re comfortable working with.

Get Them to Come in Person

You’ll get the most accurate quotes if the people come to see the actual kitchen and get a detailed idea of what needs to be changed. Meeting in person also makes it easier to see if you communicate well together. You don’t want someone in your home that you can’t get along with or that you find aggravating.

Get a Written Contract

Whenever you’re doing a Residential Kitchen Installation, it’s important to get all of the details in writing, including how much the project will cost, when payments need to be made by, exactly what is being done to the kitchen and how disputes will be handled. Make sure this contract includes a warranty and a waiver of lien to prevent problems in the case of a dispute or the job not being handled as it should be.

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