Choosing the Best Cleaning Service for Your Home

Are you thinking about hiring on a housecleaning service? We’ll assist by offering you some tips regarding finding and evaluating companies, so you get exactly what you need. Choosing the right service can save you time and lower stress. Besides that, it’s always nice to come home to a dwelling that is neat and clean.

Cost of Services

There are many different factors that influence the cost of cleaning. Some of these are the number of adults, people, and pets in the house; location and size of the home; needed frequency; and how thorough the cleaning is that is required. Most companies will send someone to visit your home and talk to you about your needs before offering you a rate.

Typical Services

While every house cleaning company out there has different standard services, there are a few that you can be fairly confident will be included. These include:

*     Dusting surfaces, light fixtures, and baseboard
*     Sweeping
*     Making beds
*     Mopping
*     Vacuuming

Thorough cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens

Other services may be available at an addition charge, such as doing laundry, cleaning cupboards, washing windows, and spot-cleaning carpets. Many other things can be done for an extra fee. In addition, a growing number of companies provide all of the cleaning products needed so you don’t have to foot the costs. Make sure you know what is included at the price point you choose to determine if it fits your needs.

Trial Cleaning Run

After you have chosen a company that you would like to try, sign up for a trail period that consists of two or four cleanings. That gives you times to determine any additional cleaning requirements and lets the company understand what you need. After a few visits, if you are not satisfied, it may be time to try another house cleaning company.

Inspection After Cleaning

Do a quick look over your home. Determine if it smells and looks clean. Check that the floors are vacuumed, including hard to reach spots like under the bed or coach. Take a look at the bathroom floors to see if they’re well-cleaned or just quickly mopped. You might also look to see how the toilet has been scrubbed and whether small things like trinkets were moved to provide dusting.

Hoboken Housecleaning

If you reside in or near Hoboken and are looking for excellent housecleaning services, you can’t go wrong with Maid in Hoboken. We use family and pet-friendly products and each employee undergoes rigorous training to provide excellent quality. If you would like to learn more, you can reach us at 201-659-9500.

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