Choosing the Best Residential Painting Services in Monterey

The better your home looks on the outside, the more the curb appeal will be increased, and if the exterior of your home is visually appealing, the overall value could be significantly higher if you decide to sell. Getting the outside of your home painted could be the single easiest thing you do as a homeowner to invest back into the value of your home. Touching up the paint can provide numerous benefits, so if you need residential painting services in the Monterey area, you should consider hiring a professional that has the appropriate skills, tools, and experience to get the job done right.

Painting Old Wood

Many homes today are made from brick and stone, but there are still thousands of homes that are made of wood. The siding and frames of the windows and doors as well as other features of the home’s design are also commonly made of wood. Over time, the wood starts to deteriorate- rot, mildew, mold, weathering, warping, and breakage occur and detract from the value and appeal of the home. You can reverse this damage and improve the appearance with fresh paint.

Scrape / Sanding

When the old paint starts to peel, flake, crack, bubble, and fade, it is time to call in the home painting experts for help! We offer exterior painting as well as an extensive range of preparation services that help get your home ready for a high-quality coat of fresh paint. These include scrapping off old paint, sanding services, primer paint coats, and quality edging work. The benefits of paint touch-ups and reapplications are immediately apparent, and they can do wonders for boosting the appeal and value of your home!

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