Choosing the Right Filters for Central Air Conditioning Systems in Sylvania, OH

Air conditioning systems in Sylvania OH, like furnaces, require air filters to remove dust and other debris from the air. As air is drawn through the return registers in the home, it is circulated back to the equipment and through the filter, which holds pet dander, tiny bits of dirt, and other substances that may not even be visible. The homeowners will want to learn which type of disposable air filter is best for their needs.

Trapping Tiny Bits of Debris

The device stops most of that debris from flowing back into the home through the vents. It also stops most of it from getting into the furnace equipment, which is important since a dirty furnace is less efficient and may have a shorter lifespan. Annual maintenance by a heating and cooling technician includes cleaning the inside of the equipment and removing particles not caught by the filter. Visit for information on one particular contractor.

Flat and Pleated Filters

The main recommendation all the experts give is to avoid using the cheapest, flat fiberglass filters. They don’t do a very good job even if they are changed frequently. About the best that can be said is these filters is that they are better than nothing.

Pleated filters for central air conditioning systems in Sylvania OH are usually one or two inches thick and vary significantly by length and width. They can be purchased at a broad range of stores, including hardware and home improvement stores. Customers must buy the right size or it will either be too large for the compartment or will be too small to work effectively.


Ratings can be considered by viewing the minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV, posted on the labeling. On average, the higher the MERV number, the more effective the particle trapping is, and the higher the price of the filter. Many homes can get by with MERV rankings up to 4, which are useful for blocking dust, pollen, and lint from carpeting. Spending a bit more for level 5 will help the household trap mold spores, pet dander, and dust mites. This can be important for residents who are allergic to those substances.

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