Choosing the Right Hairstyle and Communicating It to Your Hair Stylist in Gold Coast

by | Apr 5, 2024 | Hair Salon

There is nothing worse than leaving the hair salon with a hairstyle you feel is all wrong for you. To avoid this in the future, here are some helpful tips for choosing the right style and then communicating with your hair stylist. The best hair stylists in Gold Coast know that for you to use their services again, you must leave as a satisfied customer.

If you have a particular type of hair, such as super-curly or super-straight, ask for a hairstylist that specialises in your particular type of hair. The same thing goes for getting your hair coloured or permed. There are hairstylists that specialise in dying or perming hair.

If you find a picture of exactly what you want, bring it with you to your hair appointment. Even the best hair stylist in Gold Coast isn’t a mind reader. Can you imagine the frustration for both stylist and customer at trying to go by a verbal description and then getting it wrong? And if you tell the stylist to do whatever they want with your hair, you really can’t complain if they choose a direction you dislike. Even though hairstylists are trained to know which styles look best with particular hair types and facial shapes, your personal aesthetic sensibilities may be far different from those of your stylist. Don’t leave this to chance. At least give the stylist something to go on by giving them an idea of the type of style you want.

Along the same lines, you must let the hairstylist know exactly what length you want your hair cut. Show the stylist your hands. Even though it will grow back, it can be very disappointing to have several more inches in length cut off your hair than what you originally intended.

If at all possible, schedule a consultation with your stylist before having a haircut, especially if it is one that is going to drastically change your appearance. Try wearing your hair as you normally style it to the appointment. This will give the stylist a good insight into your hairstyle preferences and how much time you like to spend on styling.

Even if you have your mind made up about what you want in a hairstyle, listen to suggestions from your stylist. He is trained to know which styles and colours will look better. So, listen with an open mind. If you still prefer your own hairstyle ideas, then make this clear to your stylist.

The best hair stylist in Gold Coast will not be happy with your hairstyle unless you are. It pays to be choosy when it comes to your hairstyle, so do not be afraid to tell your hairstylist exactly what you want in a hairstyle. Contact GC By George Charles for expert hair styling solutions. Visit for more information!

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