Choosing the Right Storage Unit Solution

There are several considerations that go into choosing the right storage unit company. Whether you are storing some seasonal items or boxing things up for storage before a move, you want to be sure that your property is safe and secure while it is not under your watch. We’re here to offer some tips to make that process truly straightforward.

Selecting the Size For Your Storage Unit

Once you know what you want to place in storage, determine how much space these items will take up. This can give you some sort of idea how large of a unit you may need. You should also consider that you likely want a little breathing space for your storage in Birmingham, AL. There should be room for you to move around and room to get things out when it comes time to bring them home.

Special Requirements

If you have valuables that you wish to store in your unit, you probably want to ensure that there is around-the-clock monitoring and security. You will also want to get insurance to cover your property in case something goes wrong. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover this, but make sure you determine that rather than assuming. However, if you have items that need to be stored in a certain temperature, you may need a unit with climate control.

Distance isn’t Everything

With someone looking for storage in Birmingham, AL, you may think you should choose the closest storage unit to your home. Unless that company has everything you want, try not to get hung up on the proximity. Having the options you need is more important than having the storage unit a block away. That means you should research all the nearby units until you find the one that fits your needs.

Hours of Operation

There are typically two different sets of hours associated with storage units. The first set are the office hours. These are the times during the day when you can find someone in the office to help you with problems or questions you might have. The other hours listed are the gate hours. Gate hours are the hours in which you can access your own unit.

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