Choosing Wedding Accessories in McMinnville, OR for an Outdoor Wedding

If you are holding an outdoor wedding, you are probably interested in acquiring a tent for the occasion. In order to save money, it is helpful to obtain your supplies from a party rental company. A party rental supplier can provide all you need in the form of catering equipment, tents, and tables and chairs. You can also rent a dance floor for the occasion if you wish.

Tent Sizes

If you have to rent a tent for the occasion, you can choose from a number of frame sizes. Tents are also available in the form of canopies. Usually, you can choose from wedding accessories in McMinnville, OR that can accommodate all your outdoor wedding needs. Tents are normally sized as follows:

  • 20 feet x 30 feet
  • 20 feet x 40 feet
  • 30 feet x 30 feet
  • 40 feet x 40 feet

Bar, Beverage, and Catering Equipment

You can also contact the party rental supplier about even larger tent selections. Usually, a 50% deposit is required in order to secure a tent, table and chairs, and catering equipment. For any outdoor wedding receptions, bar, beverage, and catering equipment may include the following:

  • Chafing dishes
  • Oven roaster
  • Ice chest
  • Portable bar with skirting
  • Beverage fountain
  • Beverage dispensers

To keep food warm at an outdoor reception, wedding accessories are also provided in the form of quiet-running generators. Generators are provided in 2,000-, 3,500-, and 6,500-watt models. Therefore, you can easily provide your guests with freshly-cooked foods and warm and cold beverages. View website for reliable wedding accessories in McMinnville, OR.

For example, you can rent such wedding accessories as punch bowls and ladles that resemble crystal, chrome wine buckets and stands, clear wine bottle holders, and insulated beverage servers. Other items such as tongs or serving spoons can be rented too.

Regardless of what you need for your outdoor wedding, you can make a rental selection online. Simply visit to review the offerings before making a selection today.

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