Choosing Your Supplier For Pipe, Valves, And Fittings

New construction, retrofits, and repairs, as well as routine maintenance work on any type of system in residential, commercial or industrial applications, creates a need for high quality parts and components.

When these systems include plumbing systems or processing systems to move any type of media, including steam, liquids, gases, and chemicals, having a reliable, dependable source for pipe, valves and fittings becomes a priority.

Companies and contractors in these industries rely on pipe, valves, and fittings suppliers for more than just a good price. They also rely on these PVF suppliers to ensure quality standards for these components that meet building codes and industry standards for full compliance. This can become particularly important if the contractor or company is providing construction or work services in other countries where the standards may not be familiar.

On-hand Inventory

For large construction projects or for a critical valve or fitting for a specific application, knowing the supplier has the products on-hand in ready to ship is always a value-added consideration. Many of the smaller supply houses only carry the most common parts in volume, which may lead to extended downtime until the part can be ordered in and delivered.

Customized Options

In most situations, the ability to work with a pipe, valves and fittings supplier with the ability to complete custom pipe cutting and even more customization of valves or fittings directly from the manufacturer is an advantage. Even if this is only used on some jobs, it can dramatically reduce waste, speed up installation time, and eliminate additional work at the job site.

Look for a supplier that has a reputation in the industry for fast turnaround times, exceptional customer service and support, and the ability to work with customers to address unforeseen issues with practical solutions and options.