Christian Early Childhood Education in La Mirada, CA to Incorporate Religious Studies as Part of Regular Curriculum

When it comes to raising children, education is very important. There are various options when it comes to that. Some families like to home school their children, while others like to send them to public or private schools. Each family does what they feel is best for their children. Private schools are a bit different than public schools in that they do not follow the state guidelines because they are not funded by the government. Below are a few things parents find at a private school that they don’t see at a public school.

Smaller Classroom Sizes Are Found At Private Schools

One of the most important aspects parents consider when sending their kids to school is the size of the classes. Public schools tend to have more children in a given classroom to accommodate the high number of children being sent to the school. Private schools have a much smaller ratio of children to a teacher. This helps the children learn and gives them the one-on-one attention they need to succeed every day at school. The main reason that private schools have smaller classes is that the tuition for private school is considerably higher than any fees collected at public schools.

Private Schools Incorporate Religion Into Their Teachings

Christian Early Childhood Education in La Mirada CA is only one of the many private schools in the area that teaches Christian values and lifestyles as one of the many subjects taught at schools. Religion is another reason why parents choose a private school versus a public school education. Religion is important to many people. Because of this, parents would like to send their kids to a school that can openly teach their children religion. Public schools are run by the government and are not to have religious education because they follow the separation of church and state.

As stated above, christian early childhood education in La Mirada CA offers religious education as an integral part of the curriculum. To learn more, visit and schedule a campus visit to learn more about the many different offerings a private school can offer the kids and their families.

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