Claiming PERA Disability Benefits In Minneapolis

Public servants are often underappreciated employees in any community. In Minneapolis, the teachers, the police officers, firefighters and those who work for city, town, county and state governments to keep the rest of the state operating are rarely celebrated.

Unfortunately, these individuals can and do become injured in their jobs. When this happens, the injuries can be serious and may prevent them from returning to their jobs. When this happens, members of PERA, the Public Employees Retirement Association, can apply for PERA disability benefits.

Sometimes, despite a serious and disabling injury, applications for PERA disability benefits are denied. At this point, an experienced personal injury lawyer familiar with the plan can be extremely helpful in appealing the denial and obtaining the deserved settlement.

Qualifications for Benefits

Not all public workers in Minneapolis, even if they are currently employed, may be able to collect disability through the PERA program. To qualify, it is essential that the employee has a disability that prevents them from working for at least one full year (12 months).

The employee must also be actively employed at the time of the injury, and must not be collected a PERA pension at the time of the injury. Additionally, the individual cannot be age 55 or older and also have 20 years of service to qualify for disability benefits.

Having the Documentation

Even if you meet the qualifications for PERA disability benefits, it will be essential to provide the disability occurred at work, was related to your job, and that the injury prevents the return to work for at least one year.

These documents are obtained from the employer as well as the doctor. Knowing what needs to be included in the application for approval is often complicated, and working with an attorney familiar with the PERA program can help streamline the process and prevent delays in approval.

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