Clarity is Key in a Workers Compensation Case

For a workers compensation lawyer in Westmont, clarity is absolutely key. Clarity is the foundation of a solid case, and clarity can make or break a legal decision. Here’s what we mean by clarity:

Clarity of Records

Clarity of records means that there’s no wiggle room, no “I think” or “maybe” in the story that you give to your attorney or in a deposition. You don’t want to speculate about what might have happened or claim as fact something that you heard from a friend. Your record of the event that led to your injury should include what you saw and heard with your own eyes and ears, and that’s about it.

Clarity of Communication

In any and all legal proceedings, it is important to listen to every question before you answer. Take any time you need to think it over and give a clear, direct answer. It is also important to answer verbally. Whether it’s just you and your Westmont workers compensation lawyer, or a whole room of attorneys and representatives asking you questions, answering for the tape recorder will ensure a clear record.

Clarity of Intent

Remember that what you’re after is fair compensation for your injury. If you have any personal issues with your employer, if you’re hoping to find work with someone else once you’ve recovered, that’s only going to factor into the case if you can prove that there are serious safety and regulatory issues that need to be addressed. In any event, when meeting with your workers compensation lawyer in Westmont, you need to discuss any of these concerns up front to determine whether you have a case beyond basic workers compensation before moving forward.

Clarity is key in any and all legal proceedings. This is doubly true when we’re talking about getting you the compensation to which you are entitled following an on-the-job injury.

Mary Ann Covone, P.C. Attorney at Law has been working tirelessly for twenty-five years to help people in the Westmont area to navigate the legal system. Working in the Cook, Lake, Dupage and Will counties, Covone is devoted to helping families and individuals in need of legal aid.

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