Clinic in Maui Provides Personal Treatment on a Large Scale

Not every doctor’s clinic is the same. People have family doctor’s for a reason, because they want personal treatment from a professional office that makes them feel safe and that their needs are being heard. Getting the necessary treatment can be even more difficult when in an isolated location. That is why one Clinic in Maui strives to provide the same availability of services and resources to both visitors and locals. Health-care isn’t just about the medicines or the treatments. It is about the people. That is why Wailea Medical Center & Urgent Care works to put their patients at ease while also providing them with great care.

The emergency care they provide is so important to visitors, because not every clinic is able to treat non-residents for accidents or urgent medical needs. By providing twenty-four hour walk-in service, Doctor Onishi, and her fellow physicians provide outsiders with a sense of comfort and security that they would otherwise not have. Visitors to the island can also rest easy with the prescription refilling services that this clinic offers. Prescription refills can be difficult to acquire for visiting patients otherwise, because unless their personal care physician is licensed in Hawaii, they will have to find a local doctor on the islands to fill them. At the medical center, they can expedite this process for many medicines. Creating convenience is important for helping visitors.

However, these facilities are also equipped to treat local patients in depth and on a personal level. Families can feel secure in turning to the clinic for preventative medicine as well as immunizations for their families. Residents also have access to personal care through the clinic in the form of behavioral counseling. More personal clinic services such as IV fluids, dispersion of prescriptions such as birth control, and X-rays help families receive the care they need.

For those searching for a Clinic in Maui, it is also important to know that Wailea Medical Center covers a large number of health insurance providers. Patients can expect a warm, welcoming atmosphere where the doctors seek to hear their needs and provide solutions when they visit. Click Here for more information on the clinic’s walk-in services or to learn about their prescription refill services.

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