CNC Laser Cutter – Accurate Cuts for Industrial Parts

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Metal Heat Treating Service

A CNC laser cutter is a machine used for cutting parts out of a wide range of materials for industrial applications and is a great service to help supplement the operations of manufacturing and other industries in the Cleveland area. Typical commercial laser cutting machines are computer controlled and used to cut a pattern into the material for a variety of machine parts for commercial industrial use.

How Does a CNC Laser Cutter Work?
This type of cutter works by using optics to direct the output of a high-powered laser to make cuts in the material. The optics, along with the CNC or computer numerical control, are used to direct the generated laser beam or to move the material in accordance with the design or pattern being cut. Typically, laser cutters used for industrial purposes follow a CNC of the pattern that needs cut. The laser beam is focused on the material where it burns away the material, vaporizes it, or even blows away the material using a strong stream of gas.

All cutting styles used by a laser cutter leave a high-quality finish on the surface of the material to ensure a clean cut part. These cutters are typically used to cut flat sheet metal, piping materials, and structural materials for industrial purposes.

The laser beam used for cutting is generated within the machine by stimulating a lasing material using lamps or electrical discharges within an enclosed area of containment. When this material is stimulated the beam reflects off of a mirror until it builds up a large enough store of energy to escape the container as a beam of light. The light is then directed to a lens by use of fiber optics or mirrors to focus the beam onto the workpiece for cutting.

Benefits of Using Laser Cutting for Your Industrial Applications
In addition to leaving a high quality finish laser cutting also offers very precise cuts since the laser beam does not wear down. This also prevents contamination of the workpiece and warping of the material using a concentrated beam. This method uses less energy and is ideal for cutting materials that traditional methods can’t. With precision and unsurpassed accuracy, CNC laser cutters are an asset to the Cleveland industrial sector.

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