Coffee Packaging Design: Main Elements to Consider

Selling coffee can be tremendously exciting, and building your brand can help you establish a memorable and sustainable business. While the coffee itself is clearly the most important part of building your business, there are other factors to consider, including your labeling. Here are a few elements to consider when creating your coffee packaging design.

Works With Your Brand

Before working on your label, take the time to thoroughly establish your branding. Your logo should be the centerpiece of your labeling, so take time to create a memorable one. Choose your color motif based on the message you want to send. Browns and other dark hues work well with more sophisticated coffees, while brighter elements might be better if you’re targeting more contemporary sensibilities. Once your branding is fully established, the coffee packaging design aspect becomes much easier.

Stand Out

People often try out new products that catch their attention, and coffee is no exception. Whatever design motif you choose, try to incorporate elements that stand out. Another benefit of bold design elements is that they’re more attractive to retailers and others who might consider selling your product. Consider talking with retail experts when working on your coffee packaging design to find out what will help get your coffee on the shelves.

Versatile Design

At first, you want to try to sell your coffee with a single type of packaging. As your business grows, however, you’ll need to scale your coffee packaging design to match new dimensions and shapes. Choose a design that works well on both large and small packages, and try to incorporate design elements that work at varying sizes.

Those who enter the coffee business have a passion for developing unique and memorable flavors and aromas. Making a profitable business, however, requires an even broader skill set. When it comes time to start shipping your product or targeting retailers, pay extra attention to your coffee packaging design.

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