Commercial Moving Companies Help Healthcare and Industrial CEOs in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL commerce is driven by industrial manufacturing plants, research laboratories, healthcare facilities and sensitive data centers. As U.S. companies compete for global market share, success can mean change. If your growth translates into a move to a new facility plant, research laboratory or data center, there are reputable, experienced options when it comes to commercial moving companies. Birmingham, AL supports CEOs and their employees with a variety of commercial development properties. Consider contracting with a local commercial moving expert to handle the complexities and heavy lifting.

Relocating a Healthcare Facility
Whether it’s a medical center, nursing home, laboratory or private practice, you can contract with a single-source, commercial moving company. Healthcare providers have different challenges with moving employees, patients, costly equipment and personal medical files. There are experienced local moving companies that understand these complexities and the privacy laws. In addition to the upfront planning and project management, expert many commercial movers can provide:

  • Initial outfitting and transition
  • Biomedical equipment disconnect/reconnect
  • Special care for equipment
  • Warehouse and distribution
  • HIPPA – compliant records and files
  • Asset management
  • Interstate transportation
  • Debris removal
  • Liquidation

Moving an Industrial Plant
Shutting down a facilities plant is costly and time-consuming. CEOs have product delivery deadlines and quarterly revenue goals. A qualified and reputable moving company understands the pressures and needs that come with the shutdown. They also have the experience and partners to transport all types of commercial and factory floor equipment. These moving experts can pack-up the office and computer equipment and also transport your servers. As well, an extra layer of logistical offerings is designed specifically for industrial moves. Some services offered may include:

  • Special Crating
  • Rigging and specialized heavy equipment
  • IT project management
  • IT design and planning
  • IT assets de-installation and installation
  • IT relocation

Let’s Move Out
Before you instruct employees to pack-up their desks, be sure your team understands the process behind an industrial move. Count on a walk-through of final plan and budgeting, timing and on-site project management from reputable commercial moving companies. Birmingham AL CEOs can expect minimal interruption and safe transport services.

Moving experts can also provide property protection and valuation coverage. There can be many reasons to relocate a business operation. A reputable commercial moving company can lead the way.

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