Common Dental Services in Lumberton, TX to Explore

A person’s smile tells other people a lot about them, but dental care can be costly. The dentists at the practice of Dr. Helene Suh’s believe that everyone should have a chance for superior dental care. They separate themselves from other dental clinics by offering services that are affordable as well as exceptional. Restorative dentistry is something most everyone will need at one point or another in their life. Keep several common procedures in mind when deciding on Dental Services in Lumberton, TX.


The most common way to treat tooth decay is by removing the cavities and replacing them with a filling. The filling rebuilds the tooth. Once the filling is set, the dentist will make sure that the patient can bite and floss properly. Luckily, modern cosmetic dentistry offers tooth-colored fillings so the filling or restoration blends with the adjoining teeth. It is still common to use silver fillings in the molars since they are not as visible when smiling, but there are other options available.


In a situation where there is simply too much decay to handle with a filling, a crown is needed. First, the dentist makes an impression of the tooth and a crown is made in a lab. The crown is then cemented to the tooth and adjustments are made so that a proper bite is allowed. These don’t have to be silver either. They can be porcelain and the color of the tooth to look natural. Since a lab is involved, two visits are typically required.


If a tooth is missing, a dentist can create a replacement for it by building a dental bridge. The teeth beside it will serve as anchors. Again, a lab is used and, once the bridge is made, the dentist will attach it during a second appointment. It can also be adjusted in height as well for a proper bite.

There is no reason to go on with damaged teeth that are not only painful but can also be unattractive. When searching for Dental Services in Lumberton, TX, visit Website Domain and see how beautiful smiles are brought to life.

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