Common Issues That Arise With Pediatric Foot Care

Many adults, especially those advancing in years, will often have a wide variety of foot problems. This may come from excessive use of their feet, or it may come from years and years of wearing poor quality shoes. Foot issues can also happen to people who’ve spent a great deal of their life overweight. However, what surprises many people is that there are a number of foot issues that infants and children may have. In these situations, specialized Pediatric Foot Care may be required.

These types of foot issues are typical because of birth defects rather than the overuse of the feet. However, these situations can be very difficult and can hamper a child’s normal growth. Whether it’s difficulty using the feet properly or painful conditions that can severely limit a child’s mobility, these are issues that need to be dealt with immediately.

A very common condition with children, especially infants, is flat feet. While this is common in adults, it is typical because of over use, poor shoes or being overweight. This causes a person’s arches to collapse. In children, this is extremely common, but typically as the child begins to stand up and walk, this condition goes away. If it doesn’t, Pediatric Foot Care professionals can design orthotics to give the flat feet more support allowing better function and pain-free walking or running.

Toeing is a common condition where a baby’s toes may be pointed outward. As the baby begins to grow and develop, this typically corrects itself. However, babies whose feet were positioned in just the right way inside of the womb can may be born with toes growing outwards. In these situations, there are a few things that a foot specialist can do. By physically manipulating the toes with various gentle exercises over a period of many months, the toes may reverse their outward trending. In more significant situations, casts can be used to manipulate the growth of the toes inward rather than outward.

These are just a few of the issues that surround pediatric foot conditions. If you’re concerned that your baby or infant is having foot related issues, whether it’s flat feet, toeing, fungal infections, ingrown toenails or general foot pain, the services found at website may offer solutions to these and other foot related issues. You can olso follow them on Twitter!