Common Medical Marijuana Treatments in Orlando.

Medical marijuana is becoming a much more acceptable and accessible treatment option for a number of different illness and medical conditions. Medical marijuana in Orlando can be legally sourced from dispensaries around the area. You can be prescribed medical marijuana by your doctor for a number of different reasons. Common reasons a doctor would recommend medical marijuana use for you include glaucoma, pain management, and seizures or muscle spasms.


If you have glaucoma your optical nerve is getting pressed by inflammation and fluid buildup. The symptoms of glaucoma can be missed in the early stages of the disease; however, over time this ailment progressively get worse. Eventually it can lead to blindness. Medical marijuana is proven effective in reducing the inflammation, and thus treating the glaucoma. It is much less invasive than other treatments, such as surgery, and has shown long term success rates.

Pain Management

Studies show that medical marijuana is a great method of managing pain. It works well in short and long term applications. You are also going to notice fewer side effects with medical marijuana than you might experience with other pain medications. Medical marijuana is less likely to cause long term dependency issues than many of the traditional pain narcotics commonly prescribed. Medical marijuana is effective on a number of different types of pain. Pain reduction with medical marijuana has shown the potential to greatly improve your quality of life.

Seizures and Muscle Spasms

Medical marijuana is being explored for its potential to treat a number of muscle problems. Some people find great success in treatment of their seizures with medical marijuana. It is also shown to improve your ability to avoid spasms. This is very helpful for people with Parkinson’s. You may also see improvement in spasms caused by nerve damage. Quality of life improvements are seen in a number of cases similar to the ones outlined above. If you are looking for medical marijuana in Orlando, check out their website is also find them on Facebook.

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