Common Mistakes In Small Business Network Security

Startups, small businesses, and even larger businesses often try to get by without investing a lot of time, professional services and money into their network. Unfortunately, when network security is not implemented correctly throughout the system, there is an increased risk of a security beach that an end up costing the Dallas business.

Often these mistakes are simply an oversight by people in charge of cyber security who are not experienced professionals. They may be completing updates and installing security features, but they may not be doing it correctly or across all devices on the system. This can leave vulnerable areas that hackers are just waiting to find and exploit.

Common Issues

When outside experts are hired to provide network security, they start by scanning the system and looking for areas where these vulnerabilities exist. They then make the necessary changes to close up the gaps in the security, strengthening the system and making a security breach much less likely to occur.

If you are not sure if your business needs specialized network security, consider the following common issues that security experts find on many business systems and networks:

  • BYOD issues – it is not uncommon for employees to use their own devices to access the network. If these devices have not been secured, the create a vulnerability of introducing a virus, malware or other types of security threats into the system.
  • No regular backups – it is critical to backup all files and data and store it off of the network. Many companies do have backup protocols, but they are often not followed, or the backup is stored on the same server, which can make it impossible to access if there is a hardware failure.
  • No structure for updates – there are many devices on a network that may not be updated with the latest in security features and software updates. Hackers use special programs to detect systems where these updates have not been installed, and they use this vulnerability to access the system.

Hiring a Dallas company to provide security for your network is the best way to avoid these issues.