Common Mistakes Made when Installing a Sprinkler System in Wall, NJ

The sprinkler system design needs to flow with the usage of the yard. Since this is one of the fundamental building blocks of a beautifully landscaped yard, it must be planned according to the overall design. This will prevent several mistakes that can happen when the system does not line up with the function.

Overwatering certain areas of the yard is often a problem that occurs with an improper placement. Sprinklers that are too close to each other will keep adding water to plants. This can cause the plant roots to drown. Plants that constantly die in a certain area may require this type of issue be investigated. A proper Sprinkler System in Wall NJ, will take into account the square footage covered by each sprinkler and ensure that they are spaced adequately to prevent too much overlapping.

Water waste occurs when sprinkler systems are too close to sidewalks and roadways. Instead of watering the roots, the water is running into the street and down the storm drains. All of this waste is adding to the water bill. To maximize the efficiency of the sprinkler, these areas need to be considered with the placement. While some waste is inevitable, a properly designed system will minimize it as much as possible.

Water stains are often a sign that there is a problem with the sprinkler placement. Usually, they turn white fences and concrete foundation into rust colors. While the plants near the fence do need their share of water, they can still get an adequate amount without making huge stains on the fence line. A plan for the Sprinkler System in Wall NJ, may utilize smaller sprinkler heads or a drip system to help prevent water stains from occurring on fences or on the home’s foundation. This will also help reduce the need to paint to restore the aesthetic value of the yard.

The lushness of the yard depends on the planning of the sprinkler system. These plans can vary depending on the needs and placement of the plants in the yard. Contact Jersey Shore Lawn Sprinkler Inc for help in developing this fundamental building block.

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