Common Problems That Require The Services Of Air Conditioning Repair In Edmond

It’s frustrating when an air conditioner starts to malfunction, especially if it’s an extremely hot day. If your unit is not working as well as it should, you may have to contact a company that provides Air Conditioning Repair in Edmond. A trained technician will come to your home, diagnose the problem and get your system up and running in a short time. To learn about common problems that homeowners often experience with their air conditioner, read the information below.

Air Conditioner Makes A Loud Noise

When an air conditioner is too loud or it’s making a strange noise, the compressor may be going out. Sometimes an air conditioner will run for a long time before it completely quits working, but the noise may be distracting enough that you’ll want to have the compressor replaced as soon as possible. Another possible cause for a loud air conditioner is due to a damaged blade on the fan. This is a simple repair and a technician can easily replace the broken fan.

Remote Control Will Not Operate The Air Conditioner

If the remote control fails to control the air conditioner, even after new batteries have been inserted into the remote, the main control board in the unit may be faulty. If the remote is unable to make contact with the sensors in the control board, a technician can place a new control board inside the air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Does Not Cool The House

An air conditioner that continually runs but doesn’t sufficiently cool the house may have a defective thermistor. This sensor connects to the control board and it’s responsible for measuring the air temperature inside the house. When the house temperature reaches a certain level, the unit will turn on to cool the home. A qualified technician who specializes in Air Conditioning Repair in Edmond can test the thermistor by using a multimeter. If the part is not working properly, the technician can replace the thermistor with a new one.

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