Common Questions an Injury Attorney in Tucson Can Answer

In Arizona, personal injuries could present life-altering circumstances that could limit the victim’s ability to support themselves in the future. It is these injuries that will require a legal claim to get an adequate compensation for expenses. An injury attorney in Tucson provides additional information and the answers to common questions.

Can Victims Acquire Their Medical Records?

The patients can get their medical records from the doctor that provided treatment for their accident injuries. Victims are required to sign documents stating that the doctor can release these records if the victim’s primary care physician needs them from an emergency room or a different practice. If the patient is denied access to these records, the attorney can file a petition to get a court order to acquire the records.

What Types of Damages Are Available Through Legal Claims?

Typically, economic damages are provided as a result of a legal claim, and these damages include the expenses such as medical costs, and funeral costs if the victim died. Punitive damages are available in some cases, and they are a form of financial punishment. Punitive damages are often associated with medical malpractice cases as well as defamation of character claims.

Why Should Patients Acquire Second Opinions After a Medical Injury?

This measure is vital for determining if the doctor followed the correct course of treatment to reverse the condition, and the second doctor can identify any additional damage caused by the original doctor. The second doctor could also provide information about how the procedure caused the injury in the first place.

Are Parking Lot Accidents the Property Owner’s Fault?

The only way that a parking lot accident is the property owner’s fault is if conditions within the parking lot are hazardous. This includes situations when there are significant potholes and the asphalt is damaged or the lines are not well defined.

In Arizona, personal injury cases are based on the circumstances that caused the injuries, and specific rules may apply to these cases. An attorney can guide victims through all legal proceedings. An injured victim can contact an Injury attorney in Tucson through Price and Price Law.

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