Common Reasons Dallas Businesses Fail To Use Cloud Backup And Disaster Recovery Services

There are many different things which can potentially have a very big impact on a business in the Dallas area. One of the biggest concerns for most companies today is a server crash or corrupt files which prevent the website or the network from functioning.

Without a network and a website, many companies are simply no longer able to function. When this happens, and there is no cloud backup and disaster recovery service in place, it may be days or weeks until data can be recovered, or it may be permanently lost.

Permanent data loss is now relatively rare thanks to advanced hard drive recovery techniques. Physical damage, fire, theft and server crashes can, however, still cause a total loss of data, often resulting in the business losing customers, money and their hard-earned reputation.

Cloud Backup Vs. Server Backup

It is possible to provide a server backup or even an external hard drive backup of data on a regularly scheduled basis. This is typically once a day after hours or even less frequently. If the main server fails, any data not saved will be lost. Keep in mind, servers and external hard drives can fail, and they can be stolen or physically damaged.

On the other hand, cloud backup can be done in real-time, capturing all data into the system automatically and continuously. With a cloud backup and disaster recovery process in place, there is no lost data.

With cloud backup and disaster recovery, the virtual system is always in place. This means if the server fails, there is the ability to operate all functions from the cloud. Users will typically not experience any loss of essential functions and, in most cases, no one other than the IT support team will be aware of the shift.

This means no downtime, no loss of revenue and no loss of access to data to be able to continue to run your Dallas business without interruption.

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