Common Truck Problems That Need Transmission Repair

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Auto Repair

It is common for trucks to breakdown for one reason or another prompting you to seek help from professionals to get it back to working condition. One of the major reasons for the breakdown is usually in the transmission system which affects its smooth running or stops it from moving all together. When such problems begin to surface in your truck, it is advisable to seek transmission repair Madison as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Most times, professionals in the automotive industry are able to identify the problem areas and recommend the most effective repair work for the truck.

Top 3 transmission problems in trucks

Although the transmission system of a truck can stop working for a number of reasons, there are some that are quite common, according to many automotive experts. These problems can be quickly repaired when identified early, allowing you to use the truck for longer without the fear of it breaking down suddenly along the highway.

*   Overheating – Truck engines overheat from time to time because of the heavy weight carried by these vehicles or the frequent braking that is done when caught up in traffic. When the engine overheats, it hardens rubber valves in its transmission system and even twists some metal parts resulting in it working less than its optimum.
*   Leaking fluid – The causes of fluid leaking from the transmission system are many but the result is usually damage that affects its normal functioning. It is advisable to take the truck to transmission repair Madison as soon as you notice any leakage so that it can be stopped and not cause further damage. Most times, professionals at the repair shop will seal any broken parts so that the system can work effectively over a long time period.
*   Transmission slipping – The main causes of this transmission problem are varied but most times it is because of abrupt down shifting of gears, vehicle acceleration delays and increase in engine revolutions among others. This transmission problem in trucks can be handled by professionals offering auto service and usually involves changing transmission fluids and maintaining it an appropriate level or sometimes broken engine vacuum lines need to be repaired or even replaced with new ones.

Madison area has the best transmission repair specialists

The transmission system in trucks is complicated and needs to be handled with care when repair work is being done. It is therefore advisable to seek the services of the best auto repair shop in Madison to get repairs done by professionals that will quickly detect the problems and rectify them immediately. Genins AutoCare is your best option when it comes to the identification and repair of transmission systems in trucks. Call them today and set up an appointment to take in your truck for repair.

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