Commonly Asked Questions About Wearing Partial Dentures In Tuckerton NJ

Individuals who have some missing teeth are excellent candidates for partial dentures. While wearing this mouth appliance, individuals are able to eat more kinds of foods, and they’re happier with their appearance. Before speaking with a dentist who specializes in Partial Dentures in Tuckerton NJ, read these commonly asked questions below.

Q.) What is the difference between regular dentures and partial dentures?

A.) A person who has all of their teeth missing will get a full set of regular dentures. The dentures are made to look like a full set of teeth, and they fit over the upper and lower gums. Individuals who have only a few teeth that are missing will wear partial dentures. These are made to replace only the teeth that are gone, and they fasten to the natural teeth.

Q.) What do partial dentures look like and are they difficult to care for?

A.) Partial dentures have a base that’s made out of a plastic material that resembles the color of a person’s gums. Fake teeth that have a natural appearance are attached to the plastic base. A metal clasp is attached to the denture, and this attachment hooks onto a person’s natural teeth to keep the appliance in place. Individuals who wear partial dentures should brush them every day using a special toothbrush and cleaner made for cleaning dentures. Before going to bed, it’s recommended to take the partial dentures out of the mouth and to place them in a soaking solution overnight. This helps the dentures to retain their shape by ensuring they stay moistened.

Q.) What are some care tips for individuals who wear partial dentures?

A.) When taking the dentures out of the mouth and cleaning them, individuals should place a thick towel over the sink and counter. Dentures that are dropped onto a hard surface can break, so this step should always be followed. Individuals should never clean their partial dentures with any type of cleaning solution that’s not made especially for dentures. A dentist who specializes in Partial Dentures in Tuckerton NJ can recommend an approved denture cleaner.

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