Companionship Care: Let Them Feel Loved

It can be lonely, if not boring, for older people to have to live by themselves. Therefore, it stands to reason that having a companion can enliven and enrich any person’s life. That is why it is helpful to contact Caring Companion Referral Agency in Hemet, CA to help your aging loved one. Providing a senior with a companion allows them to share hobbies, visit stores, and have dinner with a caregiver and friend. Companions offer both friendship and comfort and can lift a senior’s spirits, so they feel better about life in general.

The Differences Between Medical Care and Companion Services

What some people do not know is that companion caregivers serve a different role than a medical caregiver. Therefore, it is important to know the differences between the two, especially if you have been thinking about requesting the services of a caregiver to assist your parent or loved one with certain tasks. Companion care services consist of the following activities:

     *     Running daily errands.

     *     Preparing meals.

     *     Light housekeeping.

     *     Laundry and ironing.

     *     Watering plants.

          *          Joining in recreational pursuits, including conversation, games, or reading.

Typical Medical Care Tasks

Medical care services are different than companion care services, as the caregiver is usually a certified nursing assistant in a medical setting. The assistant needs to be trained in order to administer injections or to read vital signs. Some of the duties assigned to this type of caregiver include the following:

     *     Changing dressings or bandages.

     *     Recording health patterns and behaviors.

     *     Administering medicines.

          *          Assisting with such treatments as douches, enemas, irrigation, or catheterization.

In either case, providing a caregiver in the home lets a senior parent or loved one feel valued and protected. Regardless of your reasons for requesting care, the idea is to make an older person feel more independent and better about themselves in general. Caregiving today can be medically-based or companion-based. Using either one of these services allows an older person to feel more secure in the knowledge that they are never alone.

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