Considerations for Companies Claiming ‘We Buy Houses’ in Plainfield

If you’re like many homeowners that are trying to sell, one of your goals is to speed the process along as much as possible. Home investment companies claim we buy houses’ in Plainfield, and they do so much faster and with cash in hand. However, youmay not be familiar with these types of companies because you’ve probably not sold a house to a home investment company in the past. Learning more about them and how they work can ensure that you’ve made the right decision.

Sell Quickly

These home investment companies don’t waste time. You call them, someone assesses the house (either in person, on the phone, or through email), and an offer is made. It’s a fair offer, though it’s likely to be less than full market value. If you accept it, they handle the closing paperwork (and usually the fees) and give you cash. The whole process takes a few weeks rather than months or years.

Any Reasons Accepted

These companies aren’t particular about why you’re selling. You could be going through foreclosure, divorce, bankruptcy, or need to relocate for a job in the near future.

They’re known for working quickly, which means they aren’t as worried about the condition of the house. Of course, some companies have some stipulations and have some types of homes that aren’t accepted, but most companies don’t care if the roof leaks (or is caved in), or if there are cosmetic problems.

You aren’t expected to pay for these improvements, either. With a real estate agent, you’re required to have a house that’s up to code for your area. That means paying for any necessary repairs. Most agents also want you to make cosmetic changes to improve the appearance and raise the value of the home, as well, which takes more time and money.

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