Considerations for Lighting Design in Chicago Heights, IL

When designing a room, a long list of considerations comes into play. Square footage, ceiling height, doorway shapes and sizes, window placement, paint colors, installation of light switches and electrical outlets and furnishings to be going into the room are only a few examples. Though all these go a long way toward a satisfying finished product, Lighting Design in Chicago Heights IL can have a significant impact on the overall outcome as well. This aspect alone requires a bit of thought and planning.

Color Scheme

A room’s color scheme may dramatically affect the type of lighting needed and vice versa. Rooms adorned with darker colors may require brighter lighting to balance out the picture. On the other hand, those with lighter colors won’t need quite as much light to brighten things up. Keep the color scheme in mind when it comes to lighting. If the lighting is already in place and the rest of the room is to be revamped, choose color combinations accordingly.


Various lighting options are designed to meet different needs. Recessed lighting may help cut down on glare while traditional surface-mounted options provide more direct light. An endless range of combinations can be used to achieve specific effects, such as highlighting display cases or artwork and accenting decorative fixtures. Research different types of Lighting Design in Chicago Heights IL before deciding which one best suits the expectations at hand.

Control System

Conventional light switches serve their purposes well and are fairly simple and inexpensive to install. Still, they’re not the only options these days. Dimmer switches and smart lights are only a couple of the alternatives now available. Don’t be shy about making the most of the technology at your disposal.

After Thoughts

Though lighting can transform a room considerably, appearance isn’t the only factor to consider. An elegant chandelier hanging twelve feet above the floor may cast a gorgeous light across a room and meld well with recessed accent lights, but what happens when the need to change the bulbs arises? If you decide to rearrange the room later on, will the lighting blend in with the new setup?

Numerous lighting design options are out there with multiple choices in each category. Think about immediate needs and expectations as well as those of the future before making a final decision. Visit the site to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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