Considerations When Buying Aluminum Flat Bar

When it comes to versatility, it is hard to find a product better suiting the description than an aluminum flat bar. It comes in a variety of different standard sizes and wall thicknesses, and it is also possible to custom make any size required for special orders and projects.

Extremely durable, corrosion resistant and having a variety of different strengths, depending on the alloy, it is the perfect option when strength needs to be combined with lightweight materials. In addition, and to add the benefits of the aluminum flat bar, it can also be treated to provide a different surface look from Brite Dipped to black, bronze, and brushed finishes.

When selecting a provider for the aluminum flat bar, there are several things to keep in mind. Choosing a company offering not just the flat bar but any rod, connectors, channels or custom extrusions you need for your project is an important consideration. This allows you to purchase your entire aluminum order from one vendor, reducing complications, making shipping and receiving simple and also helping to reduce overall material costs on volume orders.

In Stock Inventory
Not all aluminum suppliers maintain a good inventory of all sizes of the aluminum flat bar. This can be problematic when you have an order you need delivered with a short turnaround time.
On the other hand, there are some top suppliers of the aluminum flat  bar, custom extrusions, and specialty trim and parts which have a one to three-day turnaround even on custom orders.

Services and Solutions
Sometimes having someone to talk to who is highly experienced in aluminum parts and supplies is a great resource. Top companies offering aluminum flat bar and custom extrusions will have in-house engineers and design experts to help with your special projects.

This means you don’t have to settle for what is in stock; they have the solutions and the ability to create a custom sized aluminum flat bar for any job.

Besides just ordering the flat bar, having options to consider in frames, T-slotted systems, handrails and fencing materials and even specialized aluminum parts for boats, RVs, trailers, signs, and Slatwall can all help to make any job much easier.

When you deal with a supplier focused exclusively on aluminum products, including an aluminum flat bar, you really are working with experts. They know the products, can make suggestions, and can even offer you materials which can enhance the look and functionality of whatever you needed to build.

At Eagle Mouldings, we are experts in all types of aluminum parts and custom extrusions. To see more about our aluminum flat bar, and other product categories go to

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