Considerations When Buying High Purity Metals

There are many different applications that may require the use of high purity metals. The levels of purity with any metal or material will be indicated by the specific standards required by the customer and that the manufacturer can produce.

In general, there are several different standards or grades that material and metals can be produced to meet. These include the pharmaceutical grades, agricultural grade and food grade, all which are reserved for materials. There is also the optical grade, military grades, technical grades, laboratory grade and finally the reagent grade.

As a buyer, knowing the specific grade or standard required, and what the seller is defining as high purity metals, will be critical in making a purchase.

In-House Processing

There are some sellers for high purity metals that are strictly retailers. There are also those who actually complete the melting and machining of all the alloys themselves, which provides for optimal quality control and consistency.

In high purity metals used in research and specific types of manufacturing and industrial applications, this consistency and ability to have a company produce to high tolerances and standards are critical.

It is not uncommon for the top companies that produce and sell high purity metals to offer different metals for evaporating and sputtering applications. These include percentages of purity of 99.999, 99.99 and 99.95. Metals that can be produced at these percentages include platinum, palladium and gold.

Other high purity metals may be offered at the 99.95% purity level includes iridium, osmium, ruthenium and rhodium as well as osmium ruthenium.

Other Services

Along with producing and selling of high purity metals, there are other factors that may be important for a buyer. These could include the option to provide backing plate and the specific type of bonding required.

Additionally, many of the top companies also provide custom alloy production, alloying and pressing, machining and grinding as well as sheet and wire forming. A very few companies offer customers the option to reduce costs by reclaiming materials from an order and recast for customer use or have the value credited to a future order.

Shopping around for high purity metals as well as top producers and providers online makes good business sense. Top companies will have experience in producing a wide range of alloys, and will be able to work with you if you require a custom alloy as part or all of your order.

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