Considering Wedding Ceremony Venues in Katy, TX

Most weddings have two major components: the ceremony and the reception. While couples often spend a great deal of time planning for the latter, they sometimes just assume that their ceremonies will magically fall into place. Couples, however, should pay a great deal of attention to their ceremonies since it is during these events that they are actually committed to one another. When brides and grooms are searching for Wedding Ceremony Venues in Katy TX, they should keep some pointers in mind.

Some religions forbid people from marrying outside of the houses of worship. Therefore, if people want to get married into their faith, they may not be able to choose another ceremony spot, which means they have to review this element before starting to look at potential locations. People who inquire about ceremony spots at want to ask what types of spaces are available. Some people want to get married at a chapel that is on the site of the reception hall, and others want to get married outside in a place that overlooks beautiful scenery.

Couples who check out Wedding Ceremony Venues in Katy TX also want to find out if any restrictions apply to the space. For example, some couples want to release balloons after the ceremony, or they want flower girls to throw petals down the aisle as they walk. While both of these ideas may have their merits, reception halls also have rules about issues that could cause harm to the environment or that could make the floor in the reception space become slippery. Asking for these requirements early on is wise so that couples can plan their weddings according to the rules.

They also need to see how much time they have for the ceremony. In many locations, the reception offers 30 minutes for the ceremony. Then, the party moves right into cocktail hour. If couples are expecting to have longer ceremonies or they want to ensure that they do not miss any of their cocktail hour, they should inquire about a longer ceremony slot. They should just keep in mind that they may need to pay more.

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