Consulting services for electrical engineering in Chattanooga TN

Electrical engineering in Chattanooga TN covers a wide range of areas, from power distribution to lighting to communications. Designs and services can be completed for new buildings, energy systems, and renovations to existing buildings. New buildings, depending on the intended use, will need wiring throughout. They may also need security systems, emergency power generation systems, fire and safety alarms, and medical equipment or industrial equipment installation. Plans have to comply with building and zoning codes, as well as fire and safety regulations to be approved. Find a firm that provides a project manager to double check all the local and regional requirements before plans are submitted. That will save the business a lot of time.

Energy systems, such as low voltage designs, sustainable electrical systems, and active or passive solar energy, should begin with studies, testing, and analysis. An energy analysis can help the engineer anticipate needs, and design a system that will meet specific demands. A hotel chain, for example, is looking into building a new hotel in the center of town. In addition to the regular facilities needed, like the kitchen and laundry facilities, the owners want to include luxury amenities for guests. That means a business center, a heated pool, a beauty salon, and an entertainment wing. The initial analysis will ensure the system can power all that without becoming dangerous. Feasibility studies and payback estimates on a solar power system for a factory is another example of services offered in the field of Electrical Engineering in Chattanooga TN. That information will help the business owners decide if switching from the current system to solar power is cost-effective long term.

Determining what type of renovations an existing structure can handle, in terms of electrical components, is another service that needs to be completed before plans can be drawn up and systems designed. Sometimes, it is possible to utilize the current wiring system to make upgrades or renovations. That may require a secondary generator, or added wiring, but the design is less complicated than installing an entirely new wiring system. In other cases, all new wiring may be necessary. The expense and time can still be less than the profitability of the renovations, but that will be for the owners to decide. Hire a consultant to get more information regarding the electrical needs and possibilities of any new building projects; the work and costs associated with upgrading an energy source; or renovation ideas.

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