Contact a Roofing Service in St. Charles, MO for Help After Severe Weather Strikes

After any type of severe weather event, it’s important to examine a home’s roof carefully for any signs of damage. If any shingles are missing or appear to be damaged, contact a roofing service in St. Charles MO as soon as possible for advice. The roofing experts will inspect the roof and provide a plan for expediting repairs. There are several things homeowners should expect from a roofing professional after storm damage is discovered.

Protecting the Home from Additional Damage

In some cases, simply scheduling repairs for damaged roofs is adequate, as there is not a significant risk of leaks from the damage. However, if several shingles are missing or badly damaged, the risks of leaks are very real and need to be dealt with immediately. The first step is to make sure no additional damage occurs. Tarps may be needed to cover damaged areas. The Roofing Service in St. Charles MO will tarp affected areas and schedule repairs.

Working With the Insurance Company

Since storm damage to roofs is typically covered by homeowners’ policies, St. Charles area roofing experts routinely work with insurance companies to make sure the carrier is aware of the issues and their representatives will visit the site to make sure repairs are carried out quickly. In most cases, the roofing contractor will work with the insurance adjuster to ensure they’re aware of all the issues and includes all needed repairs in their report.

Taking Care to Match Existing Materials

Since different manufacturers don’t all carry the same colors, roofing services must take the time to match replacement shingles as closely as possible to the existing roof. Shingles that don’t match properly will stand out and make it obvious repairs have been made. That will impact the way visitors perceive the home’s condition and may, in some instances, negatively affect the home’s value.

If you’ve been through a storm in the St. Charles area, make sure your roof didn’t sustain any damage. For a complete roof inspection, contact an area roofing contractor for help as soon as possible. Check out website today for more information or to schedule an evaluation of your roof.