Wall coverings used in a commercial environment are referred to as contract wall coverings. Designed for use in environments that necessitate a durable, yet still visually appealing material, these wall coverings are classified, and government regulated, based on their durability. Type 1 wall coverings, also known as light duty, are designed to be used in areas that see little foot traffic. They’re often seen in office spaces, hospital rooms, and hotel rooms. Type 2 coverings, also referred to as Medium/Heavy Duty, are used in areas of high traffic. These are often space that see constant foot traffic, and are therefore more susceptible to wear and tear. Public schools, colleges, hospital wards, and waiting areas all commonly use type 2 contract wall coverings. Type 3 wall coverings are the most durable, often used in food service environments (i.e. kitchens), or storage rooms.

Choosing Suppliers

When choosing between wall covering suppliers to purchase contract wall covering, a customer must to identify what type of contract wall covering he or she needs. Every supplier stocks different materials, as they all have their own applications.

Material Types

Vinyl coated paper is manufactured on a paper substrate coated with acrylic, making the paper extra grease and stain resistant. This wall covering generally falls under Type 1 and is therefore more likely to be designed in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Paper-backed vinyl/solid sheet vinyl is made from a paper substrate laminated to a solid decorative surface, comprised of a solid sheet of vinyl. More durable than vinyl coated paper, this material falls under type 2.

Fabric-backed vinyl is comprised of a fabric or synthetic woven substrate that is laminated to a solid vinyl decorative surface. This material is the strongest of the common contracting materials, and thus falls into type 3. Its design allows it to keep cold air out and warm air in, making it a versatile material. Visit wolfgordon.com for more details.